$27 USD

per month!

  • Daily motivation & accountability
  • Interactive, step by step 12-week program
  • Easily implemented into your busy life 
  • Convenient, private Facebook group
  • Community of women over 40
  • Tips & Tricks for overcoming obstacles
  • Use your workout of choice or free workouts provided

Weight Loss Coaching 

for Women Over 40

Motivation to lose weight


This program is for you if...

  • You need motivation and accountability to transition to a healthy lifestyle
  • You need basic training for proper exercise, nutrition and general weight loss tips
  • You thrive in a community environment by giving and receiving support from others
  • You want to lose weight and keep it off through consistent good health practices
  • No additional fees
  • Workouts, customized as needed
  • Nutritional templates, customizable as needed
  • Training videos, with printable notes
  • Tips & Tricks to succeed
  • Printable templates & motivational materials
  • Access to coach for one on one support
  • Community of supportive group of women over 40
  • Growing library of materials to support your goals

All Inclusive Program

No more starting and stopping

Workouts with little or no equipment

Easy to implement tips

Beat the late night snacking

Learn how to stop the junk food cravings

Motivational help to be consistent

Here's what others are saying...

"I love the daily challenges and suggestions. It helps me push myself which I find I have a hard time doing on my own because with the group I'm accountable. I love the meal ideas."

"This group is helping me to stay on task. To have accountability."

-Jennifer Wall

-Jenny Keene

"The group is helping me stay on track. I love that you give us the little challenges. The meal ideas are awesome too! It's gives me the extra push I need some days. I definitely feel accountable, as everyone feels! It's been a great team here and I can't wait to join the next challenge. I hope these women will continue on the same journey and join as well!"

-Brandy Vitale

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