Yay for recovery week! After 4 weeks of working out, this is a great time to give my body the gift of rest and recovery. It is perfect timing with my son, daughter-in-law and 2 grandchildren visiting for a few days.

What is Recovery Week?

Recovery week is time off from your normal workouts to give your body a break. Some programs encourage yoga or pilates during that time while others recommend complete abstinence.

1 – Recovery Week Prevents Burn Out Mentally

Recovery week is a nice mental break. It allows time for self-evaluation and changes to your routine, if necessary. After the week off, your motivation will be skyrocketed and you will be ready to keep up with Shaun T!

2 – Recovery Week Allows Recovery & Growth

As you may already know, as you workout, muscle fibers tear. It is the repair that then creates a larger, stronger muscle. By taking a week off for recovery, it allows the muscles more repair time and the most growth throughout your plan.

3 – Recovery Week to Prevent Overtraining

Overtraining is a serious issue. It causes you to feel run down and can even bring on physical sickness. You can be at a higher risk for injury.

That is recovery week in a nutshell. Be sure to schedule a recovery week into your program for the best results in the long term and…

Fit Will Find YOU!


Recovery week


Short and sweet today so I can spend time with my grandchildren!

Tomorrow, I will tell you about our hike to Kanarraville Falls and give you some strategies to maximize your recovery week!



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