The 21 Day Fix Nutrition is your key to weight loss success! It truly is an amazing concept that makes healthy nutrition easy and mindless.  Come on, let me show you how you can change your life!

21 day fix nutrition

The following resources are part of the nutritional side of the Beachbody weight loss resources available on Team Beachbody. Fit Found Me’s Weight Loss Group participates are encouraged to use the 21 Day Fix meal plan, also now known as the Portion Fix containers to create a more healthy body.

From personal experience, I know how much healthier your body will feel by eating clean, non-processed foods on a regular basis.

If you are not in one of Fit Found Me’s Weight Loss Groups yet, you are invited!

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Please refer to the page, How Women Over 40 Can Use Beachbody All Access Pass to Lose Weight for additional links and information helpful for your weight loss journey.

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21 Day Fix Nutrition General Start Up

Calculate how many calories you need
Meal Planner
5 Tips that Make Meal Planner Easier
3 Steps for Successful 21 Day Fix Meal Planning
Meal Prep from the Pros
How to Meal Prep When You Travel
Quick Start Container Chart – Printable pdf
21 Day Fix grocery list  – Printable pdf
21 Day Fix App for iPhones
Meal Prep Help for Higher Calorie Needs
Busy Day Meal Prep Tips
Meal Prep Ideas from the Pros



21 Day Fix Meal Prep Plans with Shopping Lists

Although the meal prep plans have a specific calorie plan, they are easily adjustable to fit your personal caloric needs by adding or subtracting containers.

90 Min or Less Meal Prep – 1200- 1500 Calorie Plan
Winter Meal Plan Prep – 2100 – 2300 Calorie Plan
Country Heat Inspired Meal Prep – 2100 – 2300 Calorie Plan
Almost No Cook Meal Prep – 1500 – 1800 Calorie Plan
Summer Meal Prep – 1500 – 1800 Calorie Plan
Buffet Style Meal Prep – Create your own calorie plan
PiYo Inspired Meal Prep – 1500 – 1800 Calorie Plan
Mexican Food Meal Prep – 1800 – 2100 Calorie Plan
Meal Prep for Two

21 Day Fix Nutrition Approved Recipes

12 Cheap Meals on a Budget
Slow Cooker Recipes
Snack Ideas for Meal Preps

Recipes on my 21 Day Fix Recipes board (Pinterest)
13 Simple Meal Prep Recipes
15 Healthy Breakfast Ideas

21 Day Fix Nutrition Approved Snacks

Snack Combos that Will Rock Your Meal Prep

Desserts? Yes, Desserts!

No Guilt Desserts (Pinterest)
No Bake Shakeology Cookies
Red Velvet Cupcakes
Shakeology Chocolate Covered Strawberries

21 day fix nutrition