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Apple Banana Muffins 21 Day Fix Approved

I love carbs. Especially bread carbs. I’ve been healthy eating for years now and I still wouldn’t trust myself locked in a room of warm bread even today. Thankfully, I can satisfy those carb cravings with healthy delicious foods like these apple banana muffins ...Read More

Meal Prep Made Easy + Yummy

Meal prep made easy AND yummy. Anything that says meal and easy in the same sentence is right up my alley. The problem with meal prep for me is I don’t like leftovers in general, so the idea of putting several days of meals ...Read More

How to Lose Weight Before Summer Vacation

                    Can you believe it’s already April? Remember making the New Year’s resolution to lose weight before summer vacation? The days of, “I will start tomorrow” are over. It’s April and summer is RIGHT around the ...Read More

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