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As fit women over 40, we strive hard to feel younger with muscle toning, cardio and nutrition. But, are we neglecting our best feature? You know, the one that REALLY gives our age away.

We have the energy required to do all the things we want. For some that’s playing a sport, managing a clean home and yard, or chasing after children and grandchildren. It’s also great to see our efforts paying off as we catch a glimpse in a passing mirror.

But are we neglecting our best feature?

How about your beautiful face? What are you doing to keep your face as healthy and young as the rest of you?

I recently was introduced to a line of beauty skincare called Nu Skin. I have to admit, I have not been giving my face the quality attention it deserves. Until now. This product line is perfect for women over 40 who want to fight anti-aging and of course, who doesn’t want to fight anti-aging?

While visiting my adult daughter in NC recently, we tried out the Nu Skin Glacial Marine Mud Mask together. It was a fun, quick, easy way to purify and cleanse our faces of old cells and toxins.

We applied a generous layer of the mud mask to our face, watched Grey’s Anatomy for 20 min to allow it to dry and turn a lighter color and rinsed it off. Yes, just that easy. We were excited to see and feel the difference it would make. Our faces felt so much smoother and cleaner for days after.

It was fun to do the mask with my daughter. It was definitely time well spent!

fit women over 40

After seeing the results from the Glacial Marine Mud Mask, I didn’t only want to be a customer, I knew it was important enough to share this information with all of you!

Now, I am trying out some of their other products. Next up, the Face Lift product (also for sensitive skin) It says it gives instant lift and tightening for a more youthful appearance for less than $35! I am ready for that! After losing weight, my face lost some of its elasticity. I can’t wait to see the results after a few minutes of this face lift product.

I have some catching up do to! How about you?

If you are really serious about feeling and looking younger, don’t wait another day to take care of your face!

Stay tuned for my results with the Face Lift product!

What to try it with me? Go to NuSkin to order today!

Who says women over 40 have to look over 40?


fit women over 40

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