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I totally get it. You just cannot find 30-45 min a day for a workout. You have kids to take to activities, cooking, cleaning, work, grocery shopping, laundry and at the end of the day you are too exhausted to think about a workout. How about starting your day with a 7 min full body workout you can do somewhere between your bed and your shower? A 7 min workout that will strengthen your core, restore muscle loss, reduce your chance for back injury, improve your posture and boost your metabolism…all in 7 min!

Take 7 min a day for yourself for 30 days and I promise you will see and feel a difference!

If you haven’t given planks a try, you’ve been missing out. I love, love. love planks! So incredibly efficient. Here are the 4 big reasons why I love them and you should too!

If you aren’t familiar with the movement, click on the link for details.

7 Min Full Body Workout

30 sec Forearm Plank

30 sec Alternate Legs, 15 seconds each

30 sec Twisting Knee Plank

30 sec Straight Arm Plank

30 sec Side Arm Plank, 15 seconds each side

30 sec Plank Jacks

30 sec Plank with Elbow Lift

Repeat 1 + as many times as you have time!

Now go into child’s pose to relax those hard working muscles!

No worries if you can’t hold the exercises for a full 30 seconds or if you can’t complete the routine. Keep working at it every day until you can. Planks are hard work, no doubt. This routine will strengthen your arms, legs, glutes and core…practically everything!

Download & Print Your 7 Min Full Body Workout Now

Want more workouts? Print your full 30 day workout calendar now!

full body workout


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