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How was your Halloween? It’s no secret to those close to me that Halloween is not my favorite holiday. Of course, the candy is great but not being a crafty person, I have always struggled with costumes. The homemade costumes are always the most entertaining, but something always goes wrong when I try to dabble with making costumes myself.

When my daughter was in middle school, we searched the internet for a great homemade costume – under the easy to make category. I thought I had hit jackpot when we found easy to follow instructions for a Q-tip costume. Yes, a Q-tip. If I remember correctly, my daughter wasn’t completely sold on it, so I gave her the choice between the Q-tip and the oh not so unique but easy spotted dog costume. She chose the Q-tip.

Long story short, we made the costume, glueing cotton balls to her shoes and beenie. Personally, I thought it was a success! She wasn’t as confident, but without an alternative and the good sport she was, she plunged forward and wore it to school.

To hear her tell the story today, and every year since then, she recalls the day as being in the minority for homemade costumes and leaving a trail of cotton balls everywhere she walked. That Halloween has become one of our favorite memories and we love laughing about it as we recall the day.

Of course, Halloween isn’t only about the costumes. Being the sugar addict I was, the candy has always been the highlight of the day for me. Years ago, I would start putting out candy many days before and grab one of the cute fun size bars throughout the day.

This year, I purposely kept the candy bags sealed until the day of Halloween to prevent such cheats.

The day of Halloween arrived, and admittedly, upon waking I thought…hmmm…maybe a few fun size bars for breakfast today? I mean, it is Halloween…

After opening the best variety of 150 fun bars bag of candy from Costco and choosing my favorites, I headed back to my room where I had everything set up on my bed. Grey’s Anatomy, my phone, my computer and my buffet of candy all surrounding me for a little work and comfort to start the day.


As many of you know from my post, Sugar Addiction: How I Broke Free, I don’t eat a lot of sugar anymore. After I ate 2 of the fun size candy bars, I realized my breakfast Halloween candy buffet would not be everything I hoped it would be. I was already feeling the sugar overload. Truthfully, this wasn’t a bad thing at all. It would be much easier to get back on track after 2 fun size bars…

But it didn’t quite end there. Later in the day, I snacked here and there on a fun size. By evening, I am not even ashamed to say I was thoroughly enjoying the fun size bars. It’s only a day, right?

In my opinion, having a day like this every now and then is just fine. It is not going to make or break your fitness goal by giving in once in a while.

My hopes are that everyone was able to enjoy their Halloween exactly like you wanted without the guilt. Remember, it’s only a day!

It’s November, we are heading full force into the Holidays where we tend to overeat. There are ways to ensure we don’t gain an unwanted 10 lbs during this time while still enjoying the yummy treats and dinners filled with comfort foods. My post on 5 Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain, has some ideas that will help you enjoy the holidays without the usual weight gain that typically can stick around until panic sets in at the first signs of Spring.

This week, I am excited to be adding some weights (our new Bowflex SelectTech) to my workouts. I need to give some extra attention to my triceps as well as continue the elliptical miles every morning. If you missed my post about working on my laptop while on the elliptical, it’s my favorite way to get in some cardio for toning my glutes and upper thighs.

How about you? What will you be focusing on this week?


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