Healthy nutrition plays an important role in losing weight and being healthy. Weight loss isn’t about not eating, it’s about eating the right foods. You will find recipes as well as research proven information about nutrition to help support a healthy life for you and your family.

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Grilled Vegetable Kabobs Recipe

Grilled vegetable kabobs are the perfect healthy, delicious side dish and even a great addition to your weekly meal prep! I love grilled vegetables for the fresh, summer taste that goes well with anything! I make sure to grill extra to have leftovers for my lunch a...

How to Get Your Chocolate Fix on a Diet

I am so glad it is 80 degrees today! Sunny, not a cloud in the sky is how I like to live my days. I took Rhett on his first stroller ride without his car seat. He wasn't really sure if he should sit up more or if he's supposed to sit back and chill. Overall, I think...

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