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As women over 40, we can’t neglect our abs! We can still have great abs with this ab workout that will only take a few minutes a day!


abs workout


abs workout

Let’s be honest. Great looking abs are the epitome of being fit, but there is a much more important reason to aim for great abs.

Even if our ultimate goal isn’t to have washboard abs, a great set of abs goes a long way towards our overall health. So today…we’re talking abs!

You probably already realize our abs make up part of our core strength. It’s our core strength that does what the name implies, gives us the core or foundation to be strong and stay healthy in terms of posture, safe activities, and especially safety in our day to day responsibilities that we sometimes don’t realize is needed. For example, picking up a basket of laundry, carrying groceries, doing yard work, etc, all require strong core muscles to prevent injury – particularly back injuries.

There are a few of key steps to getting the abs you want and need.

Step #1 in Ab Workout Schedule

Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition! It all starts here, with what goes into your mouth. All the workouts in the world will not show off your abs if you don’t maintain proper nutrition.

Keep track of your macros and calories using one of the popular food diary apps. Personally, I prefer the My Fitness Pal app.

Step #2 in Ab Workout Schedule

In addition to an ab workout a few times a week, a fat blasting cardio workout is also required to have great abs. I recommend a great HIIT cardio. It’s a proven way to burn calories for hours after your workout. And even more importantly, it is efficient. So many days are jam packed with errands and other things for us to do – getting in a 12 minute HIIT workout is harder to brush off and make excuses to skip. HIIT workouts are also easily customized to your preference. Running, jumping rope, even walking at various speeds works depending on your level of fitness for a HIIT workout.

On the rest days from the ab workout, use that time for a bit longer cardio workout of your choice. The goal is to get your heart rate elevated to burn calories.



Step #3 in Ab Workout Schedule

Of course, it is important to exercise your 3 ab muscles. Performing a variety of exercises is key to targeting all of the ab muscles. We grew up being told sit-ups are the only exercise needed for a great ab workout. Since then, we know it takes different exercises that target all of the muscles to create the great looking abs that we would love to have.

Visit my workout page to print your copy of the 14 Day Ab Workout Calendar.

Need the structure of a weight loss challenge to get you on track? Join the weight loss challenge designed for women over 40!



ab workout
ab workout



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