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late night cravings

late night cravings

Late night cravings don’t have to be the end of a healthy nutritional day. One of the things I have learned in the last few years is fighting with our cravings and habits sometimes leads to even more trouble and calories.

Remember the last time you tried so hard not to eat and finally you broke down, tore into the bag of chips and before you knew it, you had eaten half of them.

Instead of fighting the hunger pains, give in, but feed your body the food it needs.

Late night cravings don’t have to be a bad thing.

Each month I organize a weight loss group of 40-60 women over 40 working hard to lose weight. The majority of them struggle with late night cravings and late night snacking.

They eat great all day, until the late night snacking time hits.

Late Night Snacking

If you regularly find yourself hungry after dinner, evaluate your food nutrition for the day.

What is your body telling you? Check your macros, how’s the protein? Did you eat enough vegetables?

Did you eat enough good calories at dinner?

Remember the food you eat needs to fuel your body. That means you focus on good, clean food your body can use. Forget the processed junk. That leaves your body craving for more junk trying to find the fuel.

The 21 Day Fix nutritional plan does a perfect job making sure your body is getting the fuel it needs.


Late Night Cravings –

Here’s What You Can Eat Without Gaining Weight

So, you’ve eaten well throughout the day. You ate a great dinner, but you are still fighting the late night cravings.

There are a few things you can eat without breaking the calorie/macro bank for the day.

Lean protein is great for nutrients and helping you feel full longer.

Casein protein digests slowly and will help all through the night.

Some of my favorite late night snacks are:

Cottage cheese – contains casein protein – enjoy 1/2 cup

Shakeology – loaded with nutrients and protein. Yes, it’s ok as a late night snack!

Chicken breast

shakeology packets and shaker cup

How to Avoid Late Night Snacking

Of course, if your late night snacks are more of an emotional eating rather than true hunger, there are ways around that too! (Here’s how to determine)

  • After dinner, do all of the clean up in the kitchen that’s needed.
  • Turn off the lights and don’t go back!
  • Brush your teeth (changes the chemistry and reduces cravings) and find something do to.
  • Stay busy and occupied to keep your mind off potential junk food cravings.
  • Stay strong. You are an adult. You have willpower, now is the time to use it! Every day that you resist, the next day will be easier.

Keep in mind, as I mentioned before, you must be feeding your body the fuel it needs in order to totally resist emotional cravings. Please work to recognize the difference. Eating too few calories can be as bad, or worst, than overeating.


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