It’s not a subject most of us bring up easily over lunch with our friends. Who wants to admit how bad they smell after a workout even after loading up on deodorant several times. When my deodorant stopped working it was difficult to determine if the smell was me or my workout clothes needing a special wash.


my deodorant stopped working


After I noticing my deodorant stopped working, I did try a few other deodorants made for active women. Nothing.

I even tried washing my underarms with special soaps. After all, the smell comes from bacteria growth in our moist armpits from sweating.

That didn’t work either.

I couldn’t believe there was yet another symptom to deal with as a woman over 40.

I did a little research on why my deodorant stopped working. Wow, the amount of younger generation that doesn’t even wear deodorant is astonishing. I can’t fathom not¬†wearing deodorant.

What are they doing that I am not? If I didn’t wear deodorant, I would clear a room when I walked in. My husband wouldn’t stop by to give me one of his wonderfully loving hugs as he’s walking by. (yes, we are THAT couple)

I get the reason…at least I think I get the reason they aren’t wearing deodorant. It’s the whole aluminum toxicity. Which, frankly, I don’t particularly like either, but I have heard the naturals don’t work.

Maybe it will be something I will change over time…I have certainly changed a lot of healthy habits in the past few years on this journey to a more healthy life. (I do bake with almond flour now instead of white flour) So, who knows what new age healthy habits I will adopt next year.

Until then…on to my unhealthy deodorant problem…

There are a few reasons why a deodorant has stopped working, tolerance buildup not likely being one of the causes, says Dr. Wexler. He goes on to say hormones could definitely be the reason with the most common being pregnancy, breastfeeding, menopause, and chemotherapy.

I had a hysterectomy many years ago and still choose HRT to keep me feeling great. Although I know my hormones have changed some, I am not sure they have changed enough to affect why my deodorant stopped working. I guess time will tell, but for now, this is what worked for me.


Remedies that May Have Helped When My Deodorant Stopped Working


1 – Blow-dryer

This is primarily for overall sweaty underarms, but isn’t that the culprit for the smell? According to Dermatologist Jessica Wu, our antiperspirant doesn’t have a chance when we get out of a hot shower and throw on the antiperspirant. Our underarms aren’t fully dry when applying the antiperspirant and so it doesn’t absorb into our skin. She recommends we blow-dry (cool setting) our underarms for about 10 min before applying antiperspirant and again for 10 min after applying. She also suggests we try taking a cooler shower in the evenings and using the blowdrying method for at least 10 days for maximum effectiveness.

2 – Change Deodorants

This is what is working for me right now. After changing to several different women’s deodorants, my husband suggested I try his. Yeah, I know, I made the same sound when he first mentioned it. Smelling like a man didn’t appeal to me. However, when I smelled his deodorant, it didn’t have a lot of smell, and what smell is did have was very neutral. I have always been a nonscented deodorant gal and so I was a little skeptical. However, I have been using it for weeks now with great success, including a lack of deodorant smell!


my deodorant stopped working



3 – Using an all natural deodorant may help also. Maybe you are one who likes everything as all natural as you can get. No, not the Trader Joes or Whole Foods all natural…the all-natural you make yourself! I certainly applaud you if you do. It would be nice to have the patience and drive to be that creative and conscientious, but admittedly, I am not. If you are one of those amazing people, here is a great recipe for making your own homemade, all natural deodorants.


How do you handle your sweaty armpits? Deodorant or no deodorant? Healthy, all natural? Homemade?