plus size activewear



No matter where you are in your fitness and weight loss journey, having cute, comfortable clothes in plus size activewear is a must. Unfortunately, not all of the clothing line companies have the broad ranges of sizes that they should to benefit any and all sizes. However, there are some clothing lines especially for larger women, and they are oh so cute and stylish, if I do say so myself.

I realize some of you may be starting off your weight loss and fitness, and it is important to feel good about what you are wearing all of the time…not only when you have reached your weight goal.

Stylish Plus Size Activewear


This line was created by the cute Kate Hudson. So many companies are moving towards the monthly home shipping subscriptions to save our time and energy it takes to drive to the store. If you choose to enroll, Fabletics uses your desired color palette, level of activity and size in mind when it ships an outfit to you monthly, all at a members discounted rate. Your first outfit – yes a complete outfit (sometimes 3 pieces, some 2 pieces), is only $25 when you sign up. The next month, the next shipment of a complete – yes, complete outfit is only $49.95, up to 50% off. No strings attached though, you can cancel at anytime.

Now for the real info…the sizes. While they don’t go up in size as other lines, they do go up to 18-20.

Lola Gets Active

As happy as we are when we go down a size, it also means new clothes, or wearing baggy clothes that we don’t feel as confident in. Well, Lola Gets Active has a super awesome program where you can return your old purchases that are too big and get 20% off your next purchase! ¬†Lola Gets Active clothing is specifically made for the curvy woman size 14-28. A little pricey, but definitely factor in the 20% discount and free shipping and free returns when you look at a potential purchase.



A clothing line with a wide variety of sizes that range from 10-30. Torrid offers a lot of variety in prints in their clothing line. The day that I was researching their clothes, they were having a BOGO 50% sale, another plus for Torrid.

Juno Active

A true activewear clothing line sporting clothing for almost any activity you can imagine, including swimming. A good variety in colors and styles. Bravo to Juno for having such a variety of styles outside of the leggings inventory so often seen. Juno Active’s sizes range from XL-6X, including a 1XP.


I was impressed with Lineagewear when I read through their “About Us” page. Aside from having such a personal touch, Lineagewear is exceptionally mindful of the beauty of all bodies regardless of size.

“We want every woman, no matter where they are on their fitness journey, to feel OHMazing in Lineagewear.”

Since they are a small company, they don’t seem to have quite the selection of prints and colors as others, but the perceivable quality as well as the philosophy of the company warrants support.


Another small personable clothing line worthy of serious attention. Based in Colorado, their clothes are handmade and include plus sizes of XL-5Xl. Fractal9’s prints are some of the cutest I’ve seen. One of the many personable qualities includes the ability to send your measurements with your order for a custom fit…at no extra charge!

With these innovation plus size activewear lines, you will surely find plenty of options keeping you feeling stylish and motivated to workout anywhere!

NOTE: I am an affiliate with Fabletics and may receive compensation from your order and sign up.