So you’ve just worked out…now what? It’s time for your post workout protein!

Your muscles have worked hard and in need of repair. As the muscles repair, protein building blocks called amino acids are needed to rebuild the muscle fibers broken down during exercise. Within 30 min after my workout, I enjoy a post workout protein shake with a banana.

Workout protein


When I first began to workout, the term, “building muscle” sounded too much like “bodybuilding” and I was very hesitate to facilitate building muscle.


Since then, I have learned building muscle is what everyone needs and does NOT have to equate into bodybuilder if that’s not what you want. Also, remember the more muscle you have, the leaner you will be which raises metabolism to burn more calories and fat we all want to lose.

Your journey to fitness does not end with your workout. The workout isa step of the path. Just as our vehicles need fuel and fluids to continue to work properly, our bodies need the nutrients necessary to improve performance.One of the best opportunities for muscle building is the first 30 min of the workout.

So, once I have cooled down a bit, I really like to enjoy a nice cold protein shake with a banana. The Gold Standard Whey Protein powder comes in a vast variety of flavors to choose from.

Update: There are many good brands of protein to choose from. Just make sure they have these key elements. 

3 min Whey Post Workout Protein Shake Recipe

Gold Standard 100% Whey 1 scoop (provides 24 grams of protein)
8 oz water
1-3 oz crushed ice
Optional – 1 banana

Blend for about 30-40 seconds and enjoy!

Do not neglect to refuel with the proper nutrients so that you can sustain your workout routine. Your body worked hard…feed it properly so…

Fit Can Find YOU!

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