Shopping Guide

On this page, you will find some of my favorite things I discovered over the last few years in my weight loss journey.

Weight loss supplements are not the taboo I thought they were – well, not the ones I like. Think along the same lines as a vitamin when you look through the supplements I take. I am very conscientious of what I take!

I love food! So of course I will share some great tasting snacks and foods! It is important to eat well when working on losing weight and getting fit!

Aging is not fun, and anything I can do to slow or reverse (yes, I said reverse aging) will travel with me to a deserted island if I ever move to one. (Not a chance now that we have grandchildren though!)

Then, there is the equipment and clothing! I have some absolute favorites and some that are pushed to the back of my closet…I won’t share those with you though, only the BEST!

Be sure to come back often to check what’s new…it’s a work in progress to add my favs!

Vitamins & Supplements for Women Over 40


Great Lakes Gelatin

Our body starts reducing collagen production in our 20s and after 40, we are no longer producing it. Collagen is responsible for many things in our bodies including beautiful, youthful skin and joint support. I started taking collagen in 2015 and was able to put away my knee brace a few weeks later. About the same time, I had several people comment that I looked younger. Read more about my experiences with collagen! 

LifeEquals Balance Shot

This little gem is great for on the go all natural, organic fruits & vegetables. It contains 1/2 of your fruits & vegetable servings you need all day. Perfect when you have been too busy to prepare, or when you just need a shot of fruits & veggies!

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TimeBlock Anti-Aging Nutrients

Yes, you read that right. This is an ANTI-AGING supplement that has been proven to reverse aging. I have been taking it for months. I started feeling better with increased energy a few days after I started. Read all about my experience with it HERE. 

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