Want to take a peek into my pantry? How about my closet and bathroom drawers? These are products I wholeheartedly recommend.

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Supplements & Superfoods

bag of superfood blend

Superfood Blend

Perfect addition to a protein shake or smoothie, this all natural superfood blend keeps your macros in balance. I use 2 scoops daily.


This one wins my most prized supplement since it is the foundation to what helps me do everything I want on a daily basis. Certainly worth trying. It will change your life like it has everyone else’s! Get 10% off by using FIT10. Read my full experience with it here.

life equals balance shot

Life Equals

This little guy is a macro saver when my meal planning flops. One of these is HALF of our daily veggie & fruit requirement! Even my picky teenager likes them! Great to have around for a quick balance!

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