It’s Friday again which means another trip to the grocery store today or tomorrow. I really don’t enjoy grocery shopping. When my kids were young toddlers, a trip alone to the grocery store was the equivalent to a trip to the spa. Now that they are older, a grocery store trip is just another errand on my always growing lists of things to do and one that I often procrastinate on.

The other issue I have when grocery shopping…thankfully only sometimes, is a day like today. I am desperately craving the Fudge Sticks…you know, the sugar wafers covered with fudge? Wow. Yeah, it’s bad.

What am I eating right now as I type? Yogurt with granola and strawberries. But not just any strawberries…thankfully for my sweet tooth, they are the best strawberries I have had since last year when they were in season. Let me just pause here and thank the strawberries for saving me from the awful, mean Fudge Sticks.

I don’t mind splurging every now and then, but sugar splurges are really bad for me. As you know, I get on a sugar kick very easily and I know it is so counterproductive to my daily workouts. For that reason, I can almost always resist the urge.

Resisting the urge is also about preparation. When I go to the grocery store, I don’t even go down the junk food aisles. Sometimes I would not trust myself to be able to resist it being at arms length away.

Here’s a helpful tip maybe you don’t know about. I only learned about it in the last few years….

Stay on the perimeter of the grocery store as much as possible.

That’s where the healthier foods are!

The other equation to this sugar craving is making sure to eat enough good foods for energy when you are working out regularly. Your body will need the energy source and our bodies are smart…they know sugar is a quick energy source for it. Don’t fall for it though, it will only be a temporary energy level before a crash!

Instead, make sure you are getting enough of the good foods – proteins and complex carbs. Working out is hard on your body and so it will require more foods for recovery.

Next week is Spring Break! I wish I could say we have a great week planned, but other than a day up in Brian Head, that’s all on the agenda so far. Our son has baseball next week so that will take up a few days of Spring Break fun. Any suggestions?

Another item on my to-do list is to make workout videos to help you with the new workout calendar! I will try to get them recorded and posted next week during Spring Break.

As I wrap this up for today, as a side note, I have successfully redirected my Fudge Sticks craving by eating my yogurt with granola and strawberries. I will go for the spinach and produce at the store today instead of the junk food aisle and after eating it will be so glad to have avoided the pitfall of treacherous sugary slope.

Enjoy your weekend, my friends!  Stay on the perimeter of the grocery store and plan something active to get up and moving. Burn calories while you don’t have to struggle through!

Maybe some pickleball will be in store for us tomorrow! How about you?



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