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Study after study shows the weight loss benefits of BCAAs for anyone trying to lose weight. If you’re one of the many women over 40 struggling, don’t give up yet, BCAAs could be the magic you’ve been waiting for.

weight loss benefits of BCAAs

If you are a little afraid of supplements, no worries. I started out the same way. I thought all supplements were for the very big muscular crazy gym rats.

Then I started losing weight and living more healthy. After reading a lot of different blogs and talking to professionals, I realized the importance of some supplements, particularly as we age and try to rebuild muscles of our younger years.

BCAAs for weight loss for women over 40 are the perfect boost for losing fat and increasing metabolism.

What exactly are BCAAs?

BCAA stands for branched chain amino acids. BCAA’s are essential amino acids for our body. They are considered essential because we have to get them from our food intake. Our body does not produce them. There are three Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) that are considered essential.

  • Valine
  • Leucine
  • Isoleucine

These essential amino acids are key building blocks for energy production and muscle repair.

These 3 amino acids are called essential because they are not produced by the body, rather, they are found naturally in lean protein.

Why take BCAAs Supplements rather than eating protein?

Good question.

Weight loss benefits of BCAAs are peak when our calories are reduced and/or we are working out in a somewhat fasted state.

When we are exercising, our body needs energy. It obtains energy from either muscle or fat. Of course, we want to burn as much fat as possible while preserving muscle.

The BCAAs are able to protect our muscles by helping our body burn the fat.

The BCAA supplements can deliver the amino acids directly to our muscles, rather than if we could eat lean protein right before or during our workout, it would have to be processed in our liver before being delivered to muscles, thus, causing such a delay it could be too late.

BCAAs to Reduce Muscle Soreness

Because BCAAs are all about our muscles and muscle recovery, BCAAs also help to reduce muscle soreness after a hard workout.

Have you had those mornings when you get out of bed only to realize you can hardly move because your muscles are so sore? Yeah, other than the pain from walking, it is a great feeling knowing you worked hard…but the BCAAs reduce that tremendously!

I can’t recall the last time I experienced that extreme soreness now that I have been taking the BCAAs for a while.

Weight Loss Benefits of BCAAs for Women Over 40 in a Nutshell

1 – BCAAs are essential amino acids we need

2 – BCAAs repair muscles

3 – BCAAs stimulate metabolism through muscle growth

4 – BCAAs help us burn fat instead of muscle for energy

5 – BCAAs have been proven in studies to aid weight loss


When do I take BCAAs?

I drink my BCAAs at different times of the day depending on my routine.

Most days, I work out twice a day. Weight lifting and cardio with riding my horse. I will often have a serving during both workouts.

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On non-training days, I will drink BCAAs in between meals to help muscle recovery and to protect my muscles as I typically will eat reduced calories on those days.

There are many different flavors and brands to choose from. Most of them taste really good without a vitamin taste.

Are BCAAs right for you?

If you are trying to lose weight, BCAAs can be very beneficial to your weight loss efforts.

If you have restricted your calorie intake and aren’t able to meet your protein needs, definitely, BCAAs could help you.

If you workout hard and trying to tone muscles, BCAAs will probably help you reach your goals much easier.

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What supplements do you currently take, if any?

More Science Behind Weight Loss Benefits of BCAAs

Frankly, I can’t explain all of the science behind it, but some great resources to read more about the science of BCAAs.

Such as:

Branched Chain Amino Acids Help Speed Up Your Metabolism

BCAA Benefits: A Review of Branched-Chain Amino Acids

Best BCAA for Women: BCAA Supplement Guide

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