The Only Supplements for Weight Loss for Women Over 40

Don’t run from me because I said the word supplements. Years ago, I would have surely ran in the other direction if someone tried to tell me about any supplements for weight loss. To say I was a little skeptical is an understatement, until I tried the perfect supplements and saw 30 lbs of weight drop from me.

Have you ever searched online for weight loss supplements? The market is flooded with supplements claiming to be the magical pill to help you lose weight. How can anyone possibly know the right supplement to take, if any?

Here’s what I know based on my personal experience. There really aren’t any magical supplements that will get you fit without a proper diet and exercise. It still takes some work on your part, but the following supplements made it possible for me to lose the weight and get fit when I was exercising and transitioning to a healthier diet.

#1 Best Supplement for Weight Loss

This is a great pack of vitamins and supplements that was a key player in my weight loss. It works great when combined with the right protein/meal replacement shake and an exercise program. The convenience of the packet makes taking daily as easy and routine as brushing your teeth. The smell/taste is similar to a multi-vitamin (in fact one of the pills is in fact a multi-vitamin) and if that’s an issue for you, I suggest you take them along with your meal replacement shake rather than water – it makes it much more tolerable. $1.20 per day

#2 Best Supplement for Weight Loss

Another favorite known supplement for weight loss is the Advocare brand. I have personal experience with great results as well as seen others have positive results from numerous products. In fact, I like Advocare so much, Andrew and I became distributors!


best supplement for weight loss Advocare has the best tasting meal replacement shakes. Meal replacement shakes kept me “honest” when I was transitioning to better, cleaner foods. I still have meal replacement shakes on hand for rushed eating times or quick weight loss.
$3.22 a meal/shake





#3 Best Supplement for Weight Loss

The GNC Lean Shake 25 High Protein Shake. It comes in a variety of flavors with more fiber than the Advocare brand to help you feel full longer. My favorite flavor is the Chocolate Peanut Butter, but they have vanilla, mixed berry, banana – to name a few. They also carry seasonal flavors from time to time. $2.20 a meal/shake

Losing weight and getting fit would have been much more difficult without the aid of supplements. These were my first supplements that kick-started my fitness journey and continue to be part of my diet. If you are having trouble losing weight and transitioning your meals to be more healthy, give these a try!




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